El Mo Ed Fund

welcome to el mo ed fund


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You are probably wondering what we do at the ed fund...

Our Mission: El Molino Ed Fund seeks to enrich and enhance students' education by financially supporting creative, innovative learning in the areas of academics, the arts, classroom-based and extra-curricular activities. Uniting parents, alumni and teachers as a community, The Ed Fund strives to secure funding to help prepare students for the 21st century.

The Ed Fund awards monies that encourage, but are not limited to, the following:

•    Provide an innovative and unique educational opportunity for classroom improvement through teacher mini-grants.
•    Enhance and upgrade the curriculum being offered through the possibility of instruction-based stipends.
•    Fund integral hands-on workshops and experiential field trips that further class work.
•    Improve classroom and educational facilities.
•    Encourage the educational achievements of high school students by replacement of irrelevant tools with innovative classroom supplies, programming and demonstrations.
•    Ensure programs and opportunities to establish and maintain a safe and inclusive school environment for ALL El Molino students and staff.

*we also connect and maintain integral alumni community relationship through Lions Connect.*